Sunday, June 01, 2014

Bombar Bar & Grill Transforms into Bombay Magically Great Burger Bar & Grill

Bombay Bar & Grill
143 S. California St
Ventura, CA 93001
(805) 643 - 4404

Exquisite gourmet burgers with a mind-blowing assortment of made-from-scratch condiments. The sweet potato fries and the garlic-truffle fries are reason enough to go. Adore the Upstream--a juicy salmon burger. Crazy about the tobacco onions--crunchy and decadent nest of deep-fried-crispy onions to knock your burger into the stratosphere. The fire-roasted pepper ketchup alone had me at first bite. Award-winning chef Andy Brooks has worked his multi-star high-end food magic on Bombay and made it a delight for foodies.

Bombay has always been a hotspot for nightlife, but now it's a hotspot for foodie life too and our little foodie family could not be more thrilled. Thanks, Bombay, for making this fine upgrade and for putting our little town on the culinary map. Now, where is Guy Fieri and his Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives to come give Bombay a taste-see?!?

Check out this burger menu.


Note: Ventura friends, if you haven't been by the Bombay Bar & Grill to try their absolutely scrumptious gourmet burger menu, then drop everything and head on over. New items include the finest chicken-burger in the Solar System. Get this, award-winning chef Andy Brooks has crafted a freshly ground in-house chicken patty, topped with a roasted made-from-scratch chili relleno, and that topped with his house-made tangy piri-piri sauce. Truly a taste sensation! Hubs and I ordered one Angus burger (the Steakhouse is supremely great with caramelized onions, Bleu cheese and Portobello mushrooms) and one SoCal Lovebird burger and we each got half--a fun way to go. Add in an order of sweet potato fries (sprinkled with smoked paprika) and dipped in their signature chi-chi sauce--heavenly doesn't begin to describe it.


Another update: We hosted our daughter's 10th birthday party at The Bombay--it was a French-themed dance party, complete with a live DJ, mustaches and berets for everyone, and killer pomme frites and several kinds of sliders and salads, provided by The Bombay. The party was a smash hit and so easy to do, with the wonderful Bombay staff helping in every way possible. The cost was quite resonable and stacked up well compared to other, less scrumptious food and party venues. We were thrilled! our daughter was the rock star! Would have another party at The Bombay any day!