Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lazy Leftovers Reconfigured

Everyone has lazy days--or at least should to insure stress-reduction that can help us have a longer life. But on a lazy day or night, do you want to eat fast food or takeout? Or do you want to stay in and use what's already in the fridge and transform it into something yummy? Yes. Me too.

We all know the trick of leftover roast chicken one night becoming chicken soup the next day. The same goes for roast beef to beef vegetable soup. But what about risotto (or pilaf or jambalaya) one day into rice soup the next day (this is a great trick--the broth that is in the risotto makes the water into broth as it cooks!)? And what about leftover mashed potatoes or potatoes au gratin turning into potato soup the next day? (Add water, cook until it disintegrates, and then puree.)

Another lazy leftovers trick: Cube leftover meat or tofu you are feeling unenthusiastic about eating again. Cook rice and allow to cool. Toss in Mediterranean items to jazz it up (tomatoes, cukes, marinated artichokes, kalamata olives), as well as olive and red wine vinegar (or your favorite dressing). Form the rice into a mound, surround it by a moat of chopped lettuces, and top with sauteed chunks of the leftover meat. Serve with a smattering of cilantro. Okay--that's a tad less lazy than the others, but you didn't have to drive to the store. Use what you have on hand is my favorite lazy foodie manifesto.

What is your favorite lazy day leftover transformation? Send yours to WhatEye8.com and we will post them!

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