Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Of Cabbages and Kings

Am crazy about cabbage--the king of all vegetables, nutritionally (cancer-prevention is but one benefit of eating cabbage). Simple to prepare, and inexpensive--though don't hold that against it.

I served sliced fresh cabbage last night with the beef pho soup I'd made with oxtails. We eat cabbage as often as possible--mostly in tacos (Baja style, which is popular around here in SoCal). Cabbage holds up well as a substitute for lettuce in sandwiches that ...have to travel. Plus, raw cabbage has a nice mouth-feel--it's like lettuce al dente.

Lastly, cabbage makes a gloriously good pickle--even quick cabbage pickle, which can also be used in sandwiches. And if you really wanna go all out, there's always kimchee--yum!

One last note about cabbage. I confess that never liked cabbage until I lived in Japan as a young woman and had my first tonkatsu--wiener schnitzel--served on a mound of shredded fresh cabbage. The contrast of the rich pork cutlet with the mild, crunchy cabbage was refreshing. I've been hooked ever since. Cabbage is a LOT more than just cole slaw fodder.

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