Friday, February 15, 2008

Mai's Cafe on Main Street: Fabulous, Loving Service, and Kick-butt Authentic Vietnamese, Korean, and Hawaiian Cuisine—So Fun!

Got a yen for pho soup and have no idea where to get it? If you happen to be near Ventura, CA, think no more. Drive straight to Main Street and hop into Mai's Cafe (2815 East Main Street
Ventura, CA 93003, 805-652-2061). You will be greeted with smiles and made to feel like an honored guest. You will have a delicious assortment of authentic Vietnamese, Korean, and Hawaiian specialties at your beck and call--for reasonable, if not low prices. Oh, yeah, the bartenders give a generous pour and there's live music on some days--call ahead to check. The bar has a roaring fire. And you get a happy feeling being there. The owners will likely come ask how you are enjoying your food.

We love the pho soup, naturally. I enjoyed the citrus pork and we both loved the Vietnamese chicken salad (I noted I could have eaten a large bucket full of it). One of my favorites is Vietnamese spring rolls (goi cuon). For lunch, you can eat like royalty for less than $10. For supper, less than $20. Enjoy! And if you are lucky enough to hear the Hawaiian music band with the little hula dancer, you are blessed!


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