Thursday, May 03, 2007

Spinach-Bacon-Tomato Poached Eggs

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most elegant--and surprisingly delightful. This morning, I walked out the back door and picked some of my hubby's organic spinach--enough to sauté. Then, I tossed it in with a little butter and a little dab of bacon fat--yes, bacon fat--just a touch. Added in chopped tomato and sautéed briefly just to wilt. Voila--the base for poached eggs.

Then, I chopped a couple of pieces of bacon and sprinkled that on the eggs. Beautiful with a touch of freshly ground pepper.

The taste was like a bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwich, with no bread, and no fuss. Served with fresh strawberries.

Williams-Sonoma has a lovely egg poacher, which is simply a shallow covered pot with four holes and four tefloned egg-poacher cups. Pour water in the base and when it boils, lightly spritz each cup with Pam. Add one egg per cup (four total) and poach for four minutes. Remove immediately to shallow bowls.

The photo above is not mine, but it's close. My spinach-tomato sauté was wiltier. The poached egg atop the sauté is a perfect round shape. On top of the poached eggs is crumbled bacon, and on top of that is a sprinkling of black pepper. Perfection--and quick to make.

When making bacon, fry up an entire package at one time (it's too messy to do here and there). Drain on paper towels, and freeze. You can use a couple of pieces at a time to flavor baked chicken, salad, eggs, green beans, etc. Frozen bacon lasts a long time that way and is indistinguishable from fresh bacon.

Poached egg variations can be endless. One of our family's faves is to take leftover small, round Belgian waffles (which I make in big batches and also freeze--waffles and other breads freeze beautifully, just as bacon does) as the base, then a poached egg, then hollandaise sauce. TO DIE FOR! Top with finely chopped ham, Canadian bacon, bacon, or tofu crumbles (veggie burger crumbles would be good too).