Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Honey Of An Herbal Tea

I've never been a big fan of herbal teas for the simple reason that they taste so...well...herbal. Grassy. Weak. It's a matter of personal preference, tied directly to two ingredients that seem to appear in a majority of herbal teas -- rosehips and hibiscus. Together or separate, they each make me nauseous.

Which is why this tea --Peach Apricot Honeybush from Celestial Seasonings -- caught my attention at the natural grocery. Herbal, caffeine free, and no rosehips or hibiscus.

I was delighted by the natural sweetness of this smooth tea. Neither overpowering nor bland, this is one of the few teas that I will drink without honey (because it isn't needed). At the end of a hard day, when a warm cup of comfort is needed, I will add a splash of Silk soymilk.

This unique South African ingredient can also be found in Tazo Honeybush tea. Like the Celestial Seasonings tea, the Tazo tea needs no additional sweetener and works well with or without a splash of (soy)milk. Both teas are wonderful iced.

For a sweeter, more dessert-oriented tea, check out Revolution Honeybush Caramel tea. Definitely better hot than iced, this tea served with a bit of milk (especially vanilla soymilk) is perfect when you get a late-night, pre-bedtime craving for something sweet.

All three teas can be found online, at natural food stores, and mainstream grocers.