Thursday, August 23, 2007

Berry White

Ever since Adagio got me hooked on white tea, I'm constantly surveying local store shelves to see if anyone else is trying their hand at this variety. I'm finding that, as with books, you can never have too many boxes of tea on your shelf.

Recently, I found a new white tea on the shelf at a health food store. I liked the name -- Berryblossom White -- and its promise of "hints of blueberry and white cranberry flavor" (I love cranberries). Produced by Portland, Oregon-based Tazo, I didn't think I could go wrong if I tried it.

This turned out to be a delightful tea. Neither the blueberry nor the white cranberry overpower each other or the tea in general. Instead, they work together to provide just the right touch of sweetness -- not too sweet for people who don't like sweet tea and just sweet enough for people who usually have to use a little honey. It works equally well as a steaming cup of afternoon or late-night relaxation (no milk needed) and as a glass of iced tea anytime.

A box of 24 filterbags cost $4.95 at Borders; prices will vary elsewhere. I have yet to see it in any of the grocery stores around here, have found it in a few health food stores, and find it more readily in Starbuck's and Borders. No doubt places like Whole Foods and Wild Oats markets are stocking this already, if you have one near you.